Thursday, January 19, 2006

What is a MURGHA

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, murgha is a two syllable word derived from the Urdu language and is used to describe the male domestic fowl kept for its meat. Also know as 'Rooster' by the English speaking world, French use the word 'Poulet' to describe this widely popular bird, in fact the most common bird in the world. According to the Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds, the chicken population stood at an astounding 24 billion in 2003.

Murgha is primarily assigned to the task of protecting the eggs laid down by the various female partners that surround it. However, the females simply flock around him since it also serves as a look-out for them and makes good use of his distinctively loud voice to warn the females and their young ones of the incoming predators. Murgha is a polygamous species, however its not uncommon for his females to be sleeping around with more than one murgha at the same time. Infact, the females are known for their ability to use a Murgha for providing them with shelter, food and all the luxeries of farmlife. In return, the murgha tirelessly anticipates to receive a simple promise of love from the female and the commitment on the female's part to bring an end to her frivolous and adulterous ways. To the credit of the female, she smartly and shamlessly plays the mugha around (usually more than one murgha at the same time) and enjoys her popular status among her admirers and suitors. To say that a murgha would not go out his way to earn the admiration of the female would be to take an ostrich-in-the sand attitude - ostrich himself being another famous cousin of murgha.

However with time and careful analysis by anthropologists and linguists, the pervasively peculiar bahaviour of murgha has transcended from the local farm into the auspicious modern Urdu dialect. 'Murgha' is hence mostly associated with a male that is being played upon by his female counterparts. But this definition does not limit the richness and the wide application the term 'murgha' enjoys. Briefly, a person who is being used by any other person, group, organization or an ideology to carry out their interests can be referred as 'murgha'. For example, a political use of the word 'murgha' can be illustrated by the relationship between George Bush and Tony Blair. In this scenario, Tonly Blair can be effectively referred as Bush's murgha where Bush tried to legitimize Iraq's invasion using Tony Blair as the murgha in order to gain support and build the 'coalition of the willing'.

Reading future postings on this blog will make the term 'murgha' more clearer!


At 2/15/2006 6:01 AM,

Interesting observations! I prefer the non-political definitions, though! After all murghees do to murghas, you still consider yourself to be one? :P 

Posted by dreamer


At 3/07/2006 9:28 PM,

i like it! never heard this explanation of the term and wasn't aware of the "player" nature of the murghee :) *chuckles* 

Posted by Maryam


At 3/10/2006 1:20 PM,

I dont agree with the word. You are making Murgha/Murga/Moorga of Public.
U got another regular reader now 

Posted by kumar




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