Saturday, May 13, 2006

My article just got published !!! :-)

Dear murgha-fans and well-wishers,

I wanted to officially announce that my first article just got published in a proper Magazine called, The Saturday Post.

Its quite exciting for me since I started writing only recently through this Blog. So, getting an article published in a proper magazine is quite a feet for me. Hopefully, there will be more of these articles and I would not have make these personal announcements and distract you guys from REAL world issues that are affecting us and the murgha population across the globe.

The article is about Pakistan's economic turnaround and it was made available on this blog earlier. Incase you guys want to go directly to the article, click on the link below:

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sexy Mullah 2006 - Qazi Husain Ahmad

The results are out and after much deliberation and a tight count of votes, Qazi Husain Ahmad stands tall as the winner of the first-ever Sexy Mullah competition. He has rightfully and legitimately earned the title : Sexy Mullah 2006.

Most voters were decisively lured with the look in his eyes, while others like Rev.Blogger took an instant liking to his "sexy Hitleresk mustache". Yet some voted for him on the basis of his "Santa Clause" beard. Representing all the sexiness one desires from a mullah, Qazi Husain Ahmad won an overwhelming show of support by our voters. Qazi Sahib has also put an old debate to shambles. Many in Pakistan have always wondered in fantasy about the results of pitching all the mullahs against each other in order to see who would take the lead. However, the results of Sexy Mullah 2006 competition clearly shows that Qazi Sahib will always have a clear lead from any regular run-of-the-mill mullah, simply on the basis of his six feet tall sexiness.

Many supporters of Maulana Fazl-ur Rahman and Professor Khurshid Ahmad may find these results disappointing. However, we bare no responsibility if these results have any impact on the upcoming reshuffle in MMA or if they ultimately force Maulana Fazl-ur Rahman to step down from the leadership of the Opposition bench in the National Assembly.

Also, please note that we maintained the same level of clean and fair voting process as the one witnessed in Pakistan's election of 2002. Ironically, quite like this small competition, those results also turned favorable for Qazi Husain on a much larger scale. Till next year's competition, please join us in congragulating Qazi Sahib in becoming Pakistan's first-ever Sexy Mullah for the year 2006.

(C) 2006-2007. Sexy Mullah is copyrighted under Murgha of the Day. Please feel free to use this term but give due credit to us.

WARNING: This is the only legitimate site that runs Sexy Mullah every year. Those who are found in running their own private pageants for the mullahs may suffer the similar wrath of mullahs as we recently faced. We are not responsible for any non-sexy results.

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